You can make it 😉

Its funny how people see you as the funniest most happiest person but when your alone you break down.

When you cry over little things because your already hurt. You cry in the shower so nobody can hear you.
People don’t see how you feel…they see the show you put on.

You put on a fake smile to make other people happy. People can’t see behind that smile you put on.

Everybody ask whats wrong. You shake them off and just say I’m fine.

Thinking helping other people with their problems is easier than helping your self you are always the first to help when deep down inside you are falling apart on your own.

At school your always talking and laughing when things at home are going wrong. You act like nothings happening like you have the perfect life. No worries.

You think people won’t notice when your not faking it anymore. But you go to school and every one asks you “are you OK” “whats wrong”. Your answer is I’m fine. Your not fine. The more people ask you the harder it is to hold back the tears.